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Does newborn photography have to be expensive

Newborn photography is it too expensive?

If you’re expecting a baby, you may have already thought about hiring a professional newborn photographer to capture the early days of your baby’s life.

It’s likely that your first question is,

‘How much does a newborn photoshoot cost?’

You may even have searched the internet and discovered a daunting array of jargon including packages, session fees, products and props - but no definitive answer as to how much you will finally have to pay.

I often have conversations with prospective clients who wonder if newborn photography with Catherine Taylor Photography is expensive.

Then simple answer is ‘no’ when you compare me to other photographers. And here’s why…

How much does a newborn photography session typically cost?

Most photographers will charge you a ‘session fee’. This is usually justified as a charge to cover the use of their photographer’s studio, their time and skill, and the use of their newborn props.

The fee can be in excess of £100 and does not include any images, prints or products. That’s £100 on top of anything you choose to order.

Other photographers will wrap up their session fee within a ‘package price.’ These packages usually include digital images or prints packaged together with the session fee.

These packages rise in cost and may or may not include the products you really want. All of this means that a session fee, digital images and a couple of prints could cost you upwards of £399.

Newborn Photography at Catherine Taylor Photography offers a ‘no session fee’ service!

In contrast to other photographers, Catherine Taylor Photography believes that our images will speak for themselves and so I confidently do not charge a session fee for our photographic services. alternatively I take a deposit that is then credited to your account.

Additionally, I firmly believe that the client should choose the products that they want.

I offer a wide range of individually priced prints, digital images and beautiful wall products as well as simple packages.

I take into consideration the Financial side of having a baby and as a mother of three use my own experiences to ensure that I offer a wide range to meet all budgets and more importantly ensuring you go home with the products you love.

First class bespoke service.

From your photoshoot to product delivery I aim to give a first-class personal service. All of my products come with the assurance that your images will be individually quality checked by professionals, printed on the highest quality photographic paper and framed in bespoke hand-made frames. I believe that anything less, for your images, just doesn’t do them justice.

And it gets even better...

At no point are you under any obligation to purchase products if you don’t want to.

I certainly do not pressure sell, and I offer short term financing (Klarna) to help you not entice you to spend more. I simply want you to purchase the products and images you love.

So is newborn photography at Catherine Taylor Photography really too expensive?

The answer is it doesn’t have to be, because

  • you do not pay a session fee ( just a credited deposit) and you only purchase the products and images you love.

  • I only sell a wide range of high-quality bespoke products to suit most budgets

  • I offer short term financing to help you purchase what you love

to book a session or for further information please contact us we are always happy to help and provide you with as much information as possible.

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