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Newborn & Baby Photo Retouching Services

With over 10 year of Photoshop experience I offer photo retouching services to photographers around the country.

Whether you have one image you’re struggling with or are so busy that you need help with an entire gallery, get in touch and let me help you.

Send me a link to your work and I will do my best to match your style including:

  • Skin retouching - softening plus removal of blemishes, redness and correction of skin tone

  • Background fixes - blanket smoothing and simple backdrop painting and item removal (such as white noise machine and blanket extensions when shooting frameless)

  • Simple shaping such as liquify & puppet warp

  • Lightening, brightening and contrast addition/removal.

Price: £1.50 per image
(works out at £45 for an average 30 image newborn gallery)

There is an extra charge of £1.50 per image for the following:

  • Removing complicated items

  • Extending complicated backgrounds

  • Composites

  • Digital Backdrops

Images can be transfered via either Dropbox or Wetransfer and turn around time is generally 48-72 hours depending on the difficulty of the editing.

  1. Enter your details below including as much detail as you can about the number of images, the type of editing you require and how fast a turn around you need. The more detail you give, the better.

  2. I’ll send you an estimate and we can discuss your needs further.

  3. Send me your images and we agree a final price for the editing (£1.50 for a standard retouch and £3 for any composites or more complicated edits)

  4. I send you an invoice, which can be paid online.

  5. I get your edits done back to you in the agreed turn around time. (Files will be returned as .jpg unless requested otherwise)

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